Manuel Leyton

Audit & Assurance Partner

Manuel is an Auditing Accountant with a diploma in International Accounting (IFRS) from the Universidad de Chile. He also has a diploma in Leadership and People Development from the Universidad Católica de Chile. Manuel is the acting Director of the Commission of Auditing Norms of the Colegio de Contadores de Chile.

Manuel has received extensive training related to his career. Besides his role as a partner, Manuel also acts as internal instructor of the norms of accounting and auditing.

Over 25 years of broad professional experience in external auditing and in consulting services for companies and their executives.

His professional experience is related to providing services and attending customer’s needs from very diverse industries such as food, concession services, entertainment, communications, education, investment, construction, real estate, software and telecommunications, retail, health, private health insurance companies, amongst others.

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