Legal Services -Corporate advisory

Our most relevant services in this area have mainly to do with providing legal and tax advisory, corporate national and international secretarial work, regulatory support in different specialties, and a vast experience in Commercial and Corporate legislation. Our main services are described as follows and must not be considered as exclusive on from another:

  • Studies and restructuration of individual, family and corporate assets
  • Contributor’s defense in administrative and tax trials before the SII and Tax and Customs courts.
  • Litigation and Judicial and extrajudicial representation
  • Corporate and legal Due Diligence
  • Company’s Merge, acquisition, division and transformation processes
  • Contract drafting and study, royalties and right of guarantee, amongst others
  • Company’s formation, proxies and advisory services (Corporate secretarial activities)
  • Legal registration of minutes regarding Board of Director’s sessions and Shareholder’s meetings
  • Collection Management for preliminary, judicial and administrative ruling
  • Registration in the value register for the Commission of the Financial Market (CMF)
  • Company’s formation and modification
  • Mercantile contracts
  • Inheritance advisory

Labor advisory services

All companies independent of their size must have a labor advisory. We provide permanent support and we are constantly updating our customers of all the major changes in labor and pension schemes law. Some examples of our services:

  • Contract preparation, internal regulations, termination of the working relationship (settlements), amongst others.
  • Work and pension scheme fulfillment and control systems implementation
  • Sponsorship and Judicial representation in labor processes
  • Direct representation before administrative official offices (Work Department, Subpoenas for Labor Inspection Office)
  • Contact administration (contractors)
  • Migration services
  • Labor auditing and Human Resources Revision Processes
  • Collective negotiation processes
  • Subcontracting and outsourcing services
  • Labor Due diligences