BPS & Outsourcing

Delegating some operational duties allows our customers to concentrate resources and direct efforts only to the most essential activities. Trust in us, our interdisciplinary team is fully trained and has broad knowledge of the permanent changes that directly affect the accounting norms and the tax and labor regulations.

Outsourcing is definitely the best way to increase productivity due to the fact that it allows our customers to have access to better technologies or furthermore to lower expenses on non-essential activities in the business.

The market’s current unstable and ever changing characteristic due to the pandemic is what makes outsourcing even more relevant. Thus, we must focus our efforts on being extremely creative in boosting and maintaining the production of goods and services of our business.

Servicios Clave

  • Support for establishing new businesses within the country
    • Social constitution
    • Representation and legal address
    • Start-up of business activities
  • Advisory services for the Optimization of Business processes
    • Process studies
    • Procedure Manuals
  • Accounting Services
    • International Regulations
    • Tax and/or management accounting
    • Double currency
    • Regularizations
  • Tax compliance
    • Tax declaration preparation
    • Sworn declarations
    • Reimbursements
  • Benefit settlements
    • Payroll and Reassessments
    • Private role
    • Expats
  • Headhunting and staff training
    • Competency-based management
    • Profile analysis
    • Psychosocial Assessments
    • Head Hunting
  • Compliance
    • Labor
    • Tax
  • Internal Auditing