Hernán Solís

Audit & Assurance Partner

Hernán is a Public Accountant and Auditor from the Universidad de Talca (Ex U.de Chile) and has an undergraduate degree in Auditing form the same university. Hernán also has a diploma in Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance and another diploma in International Norms for Financial Information (IFRS 2020) from the Universidad de Chile. He is a standing member of the Commission of Financial Norms and Principles from the Colegio de Contadores de Chile.

Hernán has been in charge of leading in-house courses as an instructor for subjects regarding IFRS, auditing and norms for the Commission for the Financial Market.

Other relevant roles have to do with being Comptroller for a financial entity, playing a key role in the Auditing Committee and in the Board of Directors.

Hernán has over 25 years of professional experience in external auditing and in consulting services for companies from diverse industries such as finance and banking, stock exchange markets, securities depository, compensation funds, investment funds, retail, manufacturing, real estate, agricultural sector, mining, health, education and other services.